Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1.          What kind of shipping costs should I expect?

The shipping cost is a uniform gross amount of HUF 990 across the entire territory of Hungary, with a value limit up to HUF 10,000. If the value of the product(s) ordered reaches HUF 10,000, shipping is offered free of charge!

In the case of shipping abroad, the price changes depending on the zone.
Zone 1: EUR 10
Zone 2: EUR 16
Zone 3: EUR 18

  1.          When will I receive the product I ordered?

Usually we deliver ordered product(s) within 5-10 working days from the time the order was placed. However, delivery time is not guaranteed and in certain cases delivery may take more time.

  1.          Which zone does my country belong to?

Shipping abroad is only available in the following countries:

1)    Zone 1: Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Bulgaria


2)    Zone 2:  Denmark, France, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland.

3)    Zone 3: Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Malta, Greece, Portugal and Finland

  1.          Can I pay with a bank card?

Yes, you can! The acceptance of bank cards is facilitated by the OTP Bank SimplePay system for the szigetstore.com Webshop through its secure card acceptance system using SSL protocol. General information about OTP bank card payment (PDF)

  1.          I cannot pick a time when I am at home for sure. What should I do?

Shipping can be arranged not only to home addresses, but also to workplace addresses. If you can only receive the courier at your workplace, give us your workplace address.

  1.          The price of the product has changed between the ordering and the delivery dates. Which price do I have to pay?

All products are invoiced at the price valid at the moment of ordering.

  1.          Can I pay the courier with a voucher?

Delivery is made upon prepayment in all cases, you do not have to pay the courier anything.

  1.          I ordered the wrong model/size by accident. What should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible by writing to info@szigetstore.com. For easier identification of the order, please reply to the order confirmation email. In any event, please supply as much information as possible (name, address, order number, article number). All other information will be provided to you by email.

  1.          I have further questions. Where can I get answers?

Contact us at info@festivalstore.hu

Should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.